discipleshipIn our 33 years of Ministry, both pastoring and evangelizing, we’ve witnessed many coming to know Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior. We’d love to say that every one that got saved, stayed saved. But unfortunately, that’s not true. 

However, we found that the key to new convert retention is: DISCIPLESHIP. Jesus himself commanded us to “make disciples”. Matthew 28:19-20, Mark 16:15

Please feel free to view and/or download the following resources to help you and your church invest in new Christians.

The Law of the Small










2022 Ministry Training Conference

Feel free to download the following notes to use in your Church

  1. Evangelism in our Church – Bro. Dave Johnston
  2. How to be an Effective Altar Worker – Sis. Anna Johnston
  3. Discipleship – Sis. Anna Johnston
  4. Evangelism in our Community – Sis. Anna Johnston
  5. Maturity: Overcoming Challenges – Sis. Courtney Johnston
  6. Morality, Ethics, Integrity, Punctuality, Accountability – Bro. Dave Johnston
  7. Leadership Training – Sis. Anna Johnston
  8. Training Kids to be Leaders – Sis. Courtney Johnston
  9. Training Resources

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