2023 Ministry Training Conference

Feel free to download the following notes to use in your Church

  1. Evangelism in our Church (Intro) – Bro. Dave Johnston
  2. Evangelism in our Church – How to be an Effective Altar Worker – Sis. Anna Johnston
  3. Evangelism in our Church – Discipleship – Sis. Anna Johnston
  4. Evangelism in our Community – Sis. Anna Johnston
  5. Evangelism in our Culture – Sis. Courtney Johnston
  6. Excellence: Morality, Ethics, Accountability and Punctuality – Bro. Dave Johnston
  7. Excellence: Maturity – Overcoming Challenges and Avoiding Burn-out – Sis. Courtney Johnston
  8. Excellence: From Servitude to Stewardship – Bro. Dave Johnston
  9. Education: Leadership Training – Sis. Anna Johnston
  10. Education: Training Kids to be Leaders – Sis. Courtney Johnston
  11. Education: Tools you can use for your Children’s Church / Sunday School
  12. Resources – 2023

Discipleship Notes – Click Here


Here are photos of our current Kid’s Crusade setup that Bro. Seth and I talked about on his podcast.
Podcast Link: 

The following is a convenient fold up puppet stage diagram. You can can make it whatever size is suitable for you.

portable puppet stage


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